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Keystone Connections: The Rains Family

During this extended break, we wanted to find a way to keep the Keystone community together . One of the ways we are going to do this is interview different families to get to know each other during this break. We hope it'll be a bright spot in this extended break and a way for families --as you’ll see with our first family - - have a lot of fun putting something together. First up is a primary family that has been with us since the youngest member was in our parent infant class - - The Rains family. Thank you to the Rains' for putting together such an awesome, funny video! Enjoy!

The Rains Family: Ron, Maura, Seamus, Max, TJ, & Bailey

Seamus: Musical Introduction

Maura: So nice

Ron: Hi Everybody

Tell us about your family (How your family started, how you met):

Maura: We’re here to answer some questions about our family. We are a Keystone family! We met in a play. Ron and I—I’m Maura by the way—

Ron: And I’m Ron- -Seamus’ Papa

Maura: And this is—

Seamus: Seamus!

Maura: Ron & I met doing a play

Ron: Yes - we’re both actors, and we were doing a play at the Chicago Theatre downtown, and that’s how we met.

Maura: And then about what? 5 years later we got married and a couple years after that we had Seamus, and Seamus has a big brother named Max, who is now 17, he’s going to be 18 very soon. He’s just finished his senior year at Lane Tech. We’re all very excited for him. He’s having a very odd end of the year that he wasn’t expecting to go this way but he’s in good spirits and he’s doing a lot of work around the house and learning how to play the guitar - - we love Max!

Maura (to Seamus): Who else lives in our house?

Seamus (points to Maura): You do. (Points to self) I do. (Points) He does.

Ron: He meaning Papa (Ron) And who else lives here besides Max?

Seamus & Ron: TJ!

Ron: My niece, TJ, or Taylor, lives with us. She has been going to school getting her Master’s degree from UIC - - and she is also not going to be able to have a graduation, unfortunately, but we’re all here and we’re all doing it together, by golly!

Maura: Yep! She’s going to be a social worker. At the end of her school year she will be on her way to be a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker).

Ron: We have one more person - - well, we have one more, uh, being, that we share our home with and that is Bailey our dog!

Maura: Yeah she’s off sleeping somewhere.

How did you hear about Montessori & what brought you to Keystone?

Maura: Well, it was kind of random. I have a friend who did Montessori growing up, and I always thought it was interesting - - what he would tell me about it. Mostly, I liked what he described about how kindness was really valued and respect. So, when we moved to our neighborhood, I Googled Montessori schools and Keystone was one of the first that came up and I think I ended up giving them a call and I spoke to Ms. Vicki on the phone and there was something about it that just felt right and it turned out to be really right, so here we are!

What do you do career wise?

Ron: I’m an actor, and so is Maura. We also have side jobs. Maura teaches acting and coaches actors when they have auditions, so it’s a very specific teaching. She mostly has done on camera, so TV, commercials, and movies. I mostly do stage work, so that’s working at the Goodman, Drury Lane Oak Brook theatre.

Maura: Seamus, is there anything you wanted to to say?

Seamus: Well, I had a good night. And, I had a weird day.

What are you doing as a family to make the most of your time away from school?

Ron: We’re doing a lot of work around the house. Seamus, did you help us knock down a wall the other day?

Seamus: Yeah!

Ron: We had a wall down in the basement that separates two smaller rooms and now we have one big room- we knocked down a wall!

Maura: Yeah it was very exciting. That was really fun. And we’ve been doing school every day. Seamus loves to do independent reading work. We do baking work - - what did we make yesterday?

Seamus: Cupcakes!

Ron: They were so yummy.

Maura: And Seamus is working on his reading work. He really likes to read. We also have a lot of house plants that we’ve been taking care of.

Seamus: We did farming work yesterday.

Ron: Yes we work out in the backyard quite a bit. Also composting- we’ve started composting

Seamus: Yeah and a lot of days I have worked out with TJ

Ron: Seamus, a lot of days, does music classes online. There’s a really nice music class that we do, don’t we? Seamus looks forward to that. We also have lots of musical instruments in the house. Seamus has been learning all about music

Maura: This is Max

Max: Hi!

TJ: Hi!

Ron: Where’s Bailey? Bailey!

Maura: All right! This is our big Keystone family

Stay healthy everybody!

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