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Keystone Connections: The Maxey's

Updated: May 17, 2020

We welcome another awesome Keystone family to the #keystoneconnections chapter of our blog! This week, meet the Maxey family. parents Kenny & Tichiya, Kamden , an upper elementary student, Kaileigh, a lower elementary student, and Kacey, a toddler student.

Tell us about your family: Tichiya: My husband and I met when I was a Sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We met on campus when he came to campus to visit his cousin who also attended school there and we have been together ever since.

Kamden's early days in the toddler program!

How did you hear about Montessori and what brought you to Keystone?

Tichiya: When my son turned 2 my husband and I attended a “school fair.” There were quite a few Montessori schools there and we really liked what they had to say.  After the fair we started to research more Montessori schools and after visiting Keystone we fell in love

What do you and your spouse do (career wise)?

Tichiya: Both my husband and I are (mental health) therapists.  My background is in social work (I’m an LCSW-Licensed Clinical Social Worker), whereas my husband’s background is in Psychology (He’s a LCPC-Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor)

Kaileigh in Primary

What are you doing as a family to make the most of our time away from school?

Tichiya: Just spending time together. We are still working full time and the kids are still doing classwork, so we still have to maintain some degree of a schedule, but it’s kind of nice for us all to be “stuck” inside together.  We’ve been dancing, playing games, watching tv, having virtual family meetings and going outside.

Bonus Questions for Kamden and Kaileigh: What is your favorite part of Keystone?

For Kamden: "Recess!  It’s fun and it educates me.  Keystone has something I can understand, I can understand how it works.”

For Kaileigh: The teachers they are super nice! I love the Winter and spring plays that we do and I also love recess and lunch.”

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